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Question: Will the new blinds match in color and texture to the ones you installed for me last month?

Answer: When our suppliers paint, dye, or extrude the materials we use to fabricate our products, there are slight coloration changes from each run. For example, when our wood finisher paints slats in our color pure white, the final color is affected by both temperature and humidity. If one run is produced when the temperature is 78 degrees and the humidity is 60% and the next run is produced when the temperature is 82 degrees and the humidity is 78%, the differences in temperature and humidity, will cause each run of pure white slats to vary slightly in color.

Question: Will my vertical louvers match the sample in the book?

Answer: Most of the louver styles today have a textured surface with varying color depth and intensity. The extrusion process is affected not only by temperature and humidity, but also the speed and pressure at which the vinyl material is run through the extruding equipment. From run to run, color and surface texture will differ slightly. The same is true for woven and non-woven fabric louvers.

Question: What is considered an acceptable tolerance for color or texture match?

Answer: The commercial tolerance for an acceptable color or texture match is a 2 foot separation. If there is no discernible difference between two colors or textures when placed two feet apart is considered acceptable. The many factors that influence color and texture make it impossible to paint, dye, or extrude materials that match perfectly from run to run. There will always be slight differences. However, our experience has shown that these differences are not significant and can only be seen if the materials are placed next to each other. Holding the materials two feet apart, you will not be able to see a discernible difference.

Question: How do I request replacement of missing or damaged parts?

Answer: To obtain missing or damaged parts, please contact the retailer, decorator or designer who sold you the product. To ensure prompt service and correct parts, please have your original purchase information available. The original purchase information is printed on the packing list that shipped with your blinds or on a label inside the head rail or top rail of your blind. This will provide all the information needed to process your request.

Question: How do I clean my vertical blind louvers?

Answer: Vinyl Louvers Dust or vacuum regularly with a brush or upholstery attachment. To remove soil, sponge with warm water and a mild detergent solution and blot dry. Louvers may be removed and immersed in water. Static electricity will be reduced or eliminated if a thin film of mild detergent is left on louvers. Fabric Louvers Dust or vacuum regularly with an upholstery attachment on low suction. To remove soil, sponge with warm water and a mild detergent solution, or dry fabric cleaner, and blot dry. Do not dry clean or immerse in water.

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