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When considering new product lines, additions to our existing product lines, and even subtractions to our product lines, we carefully consider the prevailing design trends. In this blog, we’ll share some of the trends that we’ve seen recently. To see some of these trends in action, take a look at our Ideas & Inspiration page.

Roller Shades Keep Rolling Along

There is perhaps no hotter product at the moment than roller shades (also called roller blinds by some)! Roller shades are some of the most versatile custom window treatments on the market. With roller shades, both the fabric itself and the control options are incredibly versatile.

When it comes to the fabric itself, screen shades are currently some of the hottest fabrics on the market. Screen shades filter light while also allowing for varying levels of view out. This means that you can have your roller shades fully closed but still see out your window. Blackout roller shades are still incredibly popular for those that want the most privacy and light control, but we are seeing screen shades trending.

Also trending are decorative roller shade fabrics. In Europe, many homeowners elect to go with more muted colors for their décor and utilize window treatments to inject color and life into their space. We’re starting to see more and more of this in the American market. In fact, as a result of this design trend, we partnered with a European fabric mill to introduce our decorative roller shade collection, Solas.

Solas Eve Green

When it comes to control options, motorized roller shades have become incredibly popular. Innovation within the motorized window treatment segment now allows homeowners intuitive features, such as the ability to operate shades from their smart phone, and the ability to integrate motorized window shades with home automation systems. So if you want the trendiest of the trendy, consider a motorized decorative roller shade!

Why So Blue? Feeling Gray?

Blues and grays are the trendiest colors at the moment. The majority of window treatments sold are white or off-white, but for those looking to add a touch of color, many are choosing crisp, modern grays and blues.

Skandia’s newest product lines -€“ our cellular shade collection, and our Solas collection -€“ have incorporated more blue and gray patterns than our standard collections. We hope that these collections can meet the demand for blue and gray window treatments!

Cellular Shades Are Selling!

…and no, we’re not just saying that because we have a new collection out. Cellular shades have historically been more popular in the North than they have in the South. For years cellular shades were looked at as being a great option for limiting cold air entering via window openings and retaining heat that would have otherwise exited a home. This is ideal for cold northern winters. However, the same principles that allow cellular shades to retain heat in a home, allow them to retain cool air as well. This makes cellular shades the most energy efficient window coverings!

Factor into the equation that customers have never been more conscious of the ecological ramifications or benefits of the products that they purchase. Green living and energy efficiency are incredibly popular buzzwords. Perhaps then, it’s not surprising that cellular shades are growing in prominence across the country.

We share these trends with you in the hopes that they help you to select the custom window fashions that best meet your preferences. We understand that many customers will prefer timeless classics like shutters and horizontal blinds, but we also understand that many customers prefer trendy, modern window treatments.

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