Wood or Faux Wood Horizontals?

When it comes time to purchase custom horizontal blinds, the debate rages on amongst many a homeowner that simply can’t decide between wood blinds or faux wood blinds. This post will discuss some of the pros and cons of wood and faux wood blinds, but the truth is that there is no bad choice! Wood blinds may make more sense for one application than do faux wood blinds, or vice versa. The best selection simply depends on your application.

When Wood Blinds Are Right

  1. If you have a large window or plan to lift the blind frequently
    Wood blinds actually weigh less than faux wood blinds, making them a better selection for especially large windows. Less weight also means less stress on the lifting mechanism. Consequently, if you anticipate lifting and lowering the blinds routinely, wood blinds may be the better choice.
  1. If you want to minimize cords and maximize light control
    Due to the weight wood blinds have less ladder cords. Ladder cords require route holes. Route holes allow light to come through the blind (unless the route holes are covered by cloth tapes). So, less ladder cords means less cords in general and more light control.
  1. If you want a greater variety of color
    Wood blinds are available in a variety of paints and stains that simply aren’t available in faux wood blinds.
  1. If you care about authenticity
    This may be a more sentimental reason than it is a practical reason, but there’s just something special about having wood blinds. There’s no replicating the natural imperfections and wood grains that truly enhance the beauty of your blinds.

When Faux Wood Blinds Are Right

  1. If you need an extremely durable blind
    Faux wood blinds are more flexible and, in general, slightly more durable than wood blinds. For homeowners with children or pets, faux wood blinds may be a wise selection. (Although we strongly recommend that homeowners with children select only cord-free window coverings).
  1. If your window is exposed to moisture
    Faux wood blinds are not subject to warping in the way that wood blinds might be. This makes them an ideal selection for bathroom or kitchen windows.
  1. If you expect them to require routine cleaning
    While wood blinds can be cleaned rather easily, they can’t necessarily be cleaned in the same no-worries manner that faux wood blinds can be cleaned. Faux wood blinds are more resistant to harsh chemicals, making them just a little easier to clean.
  1. If you have a tighter budget
    Faux wood horizontals come with a lower price tag than do wood blinds. Beware of faux wood blinds with a very low price tag though. More than likely, these are cut-down blinds, which are of a lower quality and are not truly custom blinds.
GrandView blinds with Avocado tapes.

Again, there really is no wrong selection. Based on your needs and your application though, there certainly is a better and a best option.

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