Trends in Motorization

Motorized window treatments are perhaps the hottest segment of the industry. In a previous blog, we discussed why you should motorize your custom window fashions, and in this blog we’ll discuss three trends that we’re seeing within the motorization segment.

Integration With Home Automation

The age of the smart home is upon us! While we haven’t quite developed a robot that cooks, cleans, does dishes, and makes your coffee in the morning, we have developed motorized window treatments that can be fully integrated with your home automation system.

Not only is this a nifty feature – and one that improves comfort and convenience – but it’s also a feature that offers security benefits. Integrating your motorized window coverings with home automation systems allows for shades to be operated on schedules. This can give the appearance that a home is occupied, even if the homeowner has been away on vacation for months.

We are seeing more and more homeowners that want motorized window shades that are compatible with their home automation system.

Control Motorized Shades Via Smartphone

Using our smartphones we can see what’s inside our fridge, who’s ringing our doorbell, and how our investments are performing. Is it any surprise then that motorized window treatments are smartphone compatible? Probably not, but it is still pretty neat that you can use your iPhone for motorized window coverings!

Skandia offers motorized blinds that can be operated using your Android phone or tablet, or your iPhone or iPad. We offer the MyLink app, which allows homeowners to operate individual shades or groups of shades, set scenes for shades to operate on-demand, and set schedules for shades to operate routinely.

While the myLink is a relatively new product for us, we understand that customers want more innovation and flexibility in their control options. In the era of the smartphone, we expect to see many myLink’s shipping out.

Motorization in Kid’s Rooms

Ok, on the surface this sounds like a terrible idea, right? Images of young children treating your custom motorized window shades like their new favorite toy probably flashed through your head. But it’s not a terrible idea at all! In fact, motorized window coverings for homes with children are becoming increasingly more popular. Why?

First and foremost, motorized window treatments are cordless. For the homeowner that wants child-safe window treatments with no cords, motorized treatments are the perfect selection!

Second, motor operated window coverings will help preserve the lifespan of your window coverings. Teens especially aren’t particularly delicate when it comes to operating window coverings. Take a cord-free roller shade for example, where the shade is operated by pulling on a ring that is attached to the bottom rail€…or by pulling the bottom rail itself…or by yanking on the fabric near the bottom rail…or…whatever.

Parents of teens: does this sound familiar?

Now, compare to a motorized roller shade that can be operated by the push of a button. Which one of the two roller shades do you think will hold up better over time?

Integration with home automation, demand for smartphone control capabilities, and usage in children’€™s rooms are the three most prevalent trends that we’re seeing within the motorization segment. If you need any further information on custom motorized window blinds, please contact your nearest Skandia dealer!

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