Why We Love Woven Wood Shades

Create a casual yet elegant ambiance throughout your space with naturally beautiful custom woven wood shades. Made from hand-selected fibers of bamboos, grass, rattan, reeds, jute and woods, Skandia’s Melhanna Woven Wood Shades are sure to give your room a charming, natural look and feel. We love woven wood shades, and you should to! Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. Versatile Applications
    Woven wood shades are incredibly versatile. Skandia’s Melhanna Woven Wood Shades Collection offers an extensive array of patterns and shades to fit your needs. The collection is sure to offer a pattern in a color that suits your fancy. The versatility of our woven wood collection is truly unlocked when shades are combined with intuitive operating systems. Woven wood shades can be used as vertical sliders – ideal for sliding glass doors – or as room dividers. Or, if you have a hard to reach window, woven wood blinds can be fully motorized, making it easy to open your blinds even if your window isn’t easy to reach.
  1. Privacy and Light Control
    Woven wood window coverings also offer flexibility in terms of privacy and light control. Depending on the materials used, and the tightness of the weave, some patterns may be sheer while other patterns are opaque. Sheer woven wood shades allow light to flow beautifully into a room, while still reducing glare and energy loss. On the other hand, patterns that are more tightly woven and denser than others offer more privacy and light control. For the highest degree of privacy and light control, you can add a privacy liner to make the shade a blackout woven wood.
  1. Motorization
    Skandia offers a full range of motorized woven wood shades. Controlling your window coverings from your smartphone is even an option with Skandia motorized shades! Motorized woven woods are perfect if you have tall and hard to reach windows, wide window treatments, or children and pets in the house. Motorized window treatments offer cord-free, convenient, and customizable solutions.
  1. Seamless Style
    There is no doubt that woven wood treatments offer a unique look that you just can’t get with any other window treatment. Give modern and contemporary interiors an exquisite natural texture, or create a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in casual and traditional homes. Skandia’s Melhanna Woven Wood Shades Collection comes in nearly 100 varieties of woven wood patterns, colors, and designs for you to choose from. Easily incorporate the organic beauty of nature into your home with woven wood shades.

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