Why We Love Cellular Shades

Cellular shades – sometimes referred to as “honeycomb shades” – are the perfect choice for minimalist, sophisticated interiors. Skandia’s innovative cellular shades are engineered to absorb sound, trap air for energy efficiency, and reduce light gaps for a crisp, clean and contemporary appearance. Here are 8 reasons to love these stunning and functional window treatments:

  1. Privacy and Light Control
    With cellular window fashions, you are in complete control when it comes to privacy and light control. The design is such that a properly installed cellular shade will fit ultra-snug to the window – snugger than any other window fashion. The result is minimal light gaps between the sill and the shade. This means less light that can enter a space.

    honeycomb cellular shade
    SunUp Sun Down Cellular Shade

    The TopDown BottomUp (pictured above), and SunUp SunDown (pictured here) systems provide unmatched privacy and light control. With a TopDown BottomUp cellular shade you can open the shade from either the top or the bottom. The SunUp SunDown gives you the flexibility to allow exactly as much light in as you want.

  1. Sound Absorption
    Honeycomb shades are designed to capture and trap noise coming in through the door or window. This innovative feature can be attributed to the design of cellular shades, as noise is entrapped in large cell channels. This makes cellular shades an especially popular option for children’s rooms. No matter which room of your house you choose to install cellular shades in, the result is a quieter home…and who doesn’t want that?
  1. Energy Efficiency
    Just as they capture and trap sound, cellular window treatments also trap air at the window or door inside their large cell channels. This feature increases home insulation by acting as a barrier between the outside and inside. Energy efficient cellular shades help reduce heat loss or, conversely, heat gain. This means a lower electricity bill!
  1. Sleek Design
    As discussed above, properly installed cellular shades fit tighter to the window than any other window treatment. Cell shades’ head rails are also unobtrusive. When lifted to the fully open position, the cellular shades stack tightly against the head rail, providing an unobstructed view out your window. On top of clever engineering, Skandia’s cellular shade collection lets you choose from stylish fabrics that offer varying levels of privacy and light control. If you want natural light to flow in to your home or office, we have an array of distinctive light filtering patterns. Conversely, if you are concerned about people seeing in to your home, or if you want a window treatment that will limit the amount of light that comes in, we have plenty of blackout cellular shade patterns to choose from.
  1. Flexible Applications
    Cellular blinds can be used in almost any area of your home. Vertical cellular shades are ideal for sliding glass doors and larger windows. Cellular shades are also a great window treatment for skylights. If you have odd shaped windows in your home cellular window treatments can be customized to fit arches and trapezoid windows.
  1. Motorization and Cordless Applications
    Nearly every pattern that we offer is compatible with a cordfree lift system or with a motorized lift system. Motorization and cordless applications offer a variety of benefits – including convenience, safety and beauty. You could even pair your motorized cellular shades with a solar battery pack, to truly have the best in energy efficient window treatments.
  1. Child Safety

    cordfree cell shades
    Skandia cordless cell shades are Best for Kids Certified

    Exposed lift cords pose a strangulation risk for small children. We have been proactive in developing innovate solutions that reduce the risk of strangulation. Our cordless cellular shade offering is Best for Kids certified. We strongly encourage homeowners with children to purchase only cord-free cellular shades.

  1. Double Up
    Skandia’s cellular shade collection offers single-cell or double-cell cellular shades. As the name would imply, double-cell honeycomb shades essentially offer an additional layer of cells to further enhance the insulating capacity of your cellular blinds. The majority of homeowners select a single-cell honeycomb pattern, but double-cell patterns are a good choice in especially temperate regions.

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