Why We Love Sheer Horizontal Shades

Whether you know them as silhouette shades, Shangri-la shades, sheer horizontals, or horizontal sheers, we know one thing: we absolutely love them! Why do we love sheer horizontal shades? Keep reading to find out…

  1. Versatility
    While it’s easy to fall in love with horizontal sheers for their elegant, sophisticated look, it’s their versatility that truly makes sheer horizontals soar. Sheer horizontals are essentially a hybrid of a roller shade and a horizontal blind, allowing the highest degree of versatility in regards to your view out.Sheer horizontals give you the ability to roll the shade to the fully open position; meaning that the fabric is at the top of the window, and the window pane is fully exposed (save for your fascia). You can also roll the shade to the fully closed (or “down”) position where you can choose to tilt the louvers open or closed – as you can with a 2” horizontal blind.When the vanes are tilted to the open position, you have a minimally obstructed view out your window. The two layers of sheer fabric allow light to flow in and allow you to view out even when the shade is rolled down to the bottom of the window. In many ways the view out and light control is similar to what a horizontal blind would allow, and in other ways the view out is similar to what you might expect with a screen shade.

    If you’d like privacy, you can roll the shade to its lowest position and tilt the vanes closed. Much like a horizontal blind, tilting the vanes closed will result in a fully obstructed view out.
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  1. UV Protection
    The two layers of sheer fabric provide protection against UV damage. This means that you can allow natural light to flow in while still minimizing that damage that it might cause. UV rays can damage furniture, artwork, flooring, and other household items. While sheer horizontal shades don’t offer the highest degree of UV protection, they’re one of the only window coverings that offer UV protection while still allowing an unobstructed view out.(For the highest degree of UV protection you’d want to consider a screen shade).
  1. Stylish
    Twenty-five years after silhouette shades were introduced, they are perhaps more stylish now than ever. This is due in large part to a wider array of color and pattern selections. Cool, crisp gray Shangri-la shades are quite possibly the most contemporary, trendiest window treatment.Skandia’s horizontal sheers also feature a sleek, contemporary cassette system – providing a stylish fascia with all the componentry enclosed. This hides unsightly brackets, tubes, and more, ensuring that your horizontal sheer shades are the only thing that gets attention in your window.And if you really want to get attention, motorized sheer horizontals take modernity and convenience to the next level.

Have you fallen in love with sheer horizontal shades? If so, visit the Find A Dealer page to talk to an expert custom window coverings professional in your area.

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