Getting an Idea of Prices by Product Line

No one enjoys finding out at the cash register that the perfect item that you’ve picked out happens to cost way more than you thought. So we’ll use this post to hopefully help you avoid sticker shock when shopping for custom window treatments. With the disclaimer that retail prices vary significantly by market, we’ll categorize each product line and will provide a ballpark price range for each line. For exact pricing, contact your local Skandia dealer.  

Economy Class

Aluminum Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds, Wood Blinds, Verticals

If you’re looking for the most inexpensive custom window coverings, then aluminum blinds are the best choice. Aluminum blinds are great for reducing heat transfer and maximizing privacy, but they aren’t necessarily the most exciting window treatments. For a 36 x 60″ window, aluminum mini-blinds range from approximately $100 – $140 depending on the style and the size of the slat (1″ or 2″).

For customers that may want something a little more stylish, faux wood horizontal blinds offer style and substance at a price that won’t hurt your wallet. Faux wood blinds are intended to look and function exactly like a wood blind, giving you all the perks of a wood blind at the price of a faux wood blind. For a 36 x 60″ window, faux wood horizontal blinds can range from approximately $125 – $195.faux wood blinds

Wood blinds are ideal for use in larger windows, as they are substantially lighter than faux wood blinds. Consequently, wood blinds will be easier to lift and will place less stress on the internal mechanisms. Stained wood blinds also have a little more elegance and character than do faux wood blinds; the natural imperfections that make wood blinds so beautiful are simply impossible to recreate. A 36 x 60″ wood blind will range from $170 – $250.

Vertical blinds round out the economy class. Widely considered the best window covering for sliding glass doors and patio doors, vertical blinds offer great value. A 36 x 60″ vertical blind can cost between $110 – $300.


Business Class

Woven Wood Shades, Cellular Shades, Roller Shades, Transitional Shades

Woven wood shades offer a truly unique, natural look for any home or office. Despite the fact that fabrics are created by hand-weaving bamboos, jutes, rattans, and reeds, woven wood shades come in at a business class price point. A 36 x 60″ woven wood shade ranges from $195 – $340.

Cellular shades are the most energy efficient window coverings. A properly installed cellular shade can substantially reduce your heating and cooling costs. The savings provided by energy efficient cellular shades combined with their price tag, make cell shades one of the best value buys. A standard cellular shade for a 36 x 60″ window can cost $190 – $375.

honeycomb cellular shade

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, roller shades are one of the hottest products on the market. Not only are roller shades incredibly popular, they’re also incredibly reasonably priced. For a 36 x 60″ window, a roller shade can cost anywhere from $200 – $350.

On the upper end of the business class are transitional shades – also known as zebra shades. Transitional shades are one of the newer products on the market, and offer a fun, contemporary window covering, with all the functionality of both a roller shade and a horizontal blind. For a 36 x 60″ window, a transitional shade will cost between $325 – $475.


First Class

Shutters, Horizontal Sheers

Custom-made plantation shutters are simply unmatched in terms of beauty and functionality. Like all Skandia products, our shutters are all manufactured proudly in America. Given the labor-intensive nature of shutters, and the cost of American manufacturing, it’s not surprising that plantation shutters come in at a higher price than other products. With a full range of PVC shutters and painted or stained wood shutters, and a variety of configuration options, the price can vary substantially. As a safe starting point, a 36 x 60″ shutter will cost approximately $450.

Horizontal sheers are another product that have a very intricate manufacturing process, and as such, a higher price tag. Additionally, horizontal sheers require more fabric than do comparable products. A horizontal sheer has a back layer of fabric, a front layer of fabric, and s-shaped fabric vanes in between the two layers. The design is what makes horizontal sheers so desirable though. Horizontal sheers offer a refined take on a timeless classic – horizontal blinds. A 36 x 60″ horizontal sheer can range from $700 – $900.

silhouette shade

Hopefully this post helps you to determine what custom window coverings fit best in your budget. We strongly encourage you to contact a local dealer for more pricing information. Again, prices will vary substantially by market.

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