Window Treatments for Shaped Windows

The beauty of purchasing custom window treatments via the independent dealer network, is that independent dealers are experts and are familiar with the widest range of customization available. Simply put, shopping online or at a big box store won’t provide as good of a solution to your window coverings needs (more on that here). This is especially true when it comes to oddly shaped windows. On this post, we’ll provide an overview of window coverings for angled, arched, and otherwise shaped windows, but ultimately, the best solution is to contact your local Skandia dealer.

So which window treatments are available for shaped windows? Glad you asked!

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are one of the most versatile window treatments available. Cell shades can be used for circle windows, trapezoid windows, octagons, arches, and angled windows. In addition to oddly shaped windows, cellular shades are perfect for skylights.

Angled cellular shades can accommodate windows up to 60″ wide, octagon cellular shades can accommodate windows up to 48″ wide, and arches can accommodate windows up to 84″ wide.


Horizontal Blinds

While horizontal blinds don’t quite have as many applications as cellular shades, they are available for use with arch windows. Skandia custom manufactures both faux wood arch horizontal blinds, and wood arch horizontal blinds. Both lines are available with either 2″ or 2.5″ slats, and are available in many of the same colors as our standard horizontal blinds.

The maximum width for a horizontal blind arch is 84″.


Plantation shutters are another great choice for arch windows. Skandia is able to manufacture shutters for eyebrow arches, shutters for half circle arches, and arch top panel shutters. Arch shutters are available in both PVC and wood, and are available in all the same colors as are our standard shutters.

Shutter arches are available with 2.5″, 3.5″, and 4.5″ louvers, and can fit windows as wide as 96″.

Woven Wood Shades

Another great selection for an arch or angled window is a woven wood shade. Woven wood arches and angled woven wood shades are able to accommodate windows up to 60″ wide. Nearly every pattern that we offer as a standard woven wood shade can be made as an angle or arched woven wood shade.


Shaped windows can prove challenging, but we manufacture a number of window coverings for shaped windows. With the help of an expert Skandia dealer, we’re certain that you’ll find the best solution!

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