Which Window Coverings Can Be Motorized?

As discussed in previous posts, motorized window coverings are on the rise (no pun intended). Sales of motorized window treatments have spiked, as prices on motors have come down, and as customers have become more and more technologically inclined. But we won’t get in to all the reasons that motorized window coverings are great; instead, we’ll use this post to discuss which Skandia window coverings can be motorized.   

Can Be Motorized

Horizontal Blinds

Skandia horizontal blinds are compatible with motorization. Our top of the line wood blind, as well as our top of the line faux wood blind can both be motorized. Motorized horizontal blinds are somewhat limited though, in the sense that the motors only control the tilt of the slats. They do not lift the blinds.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are the most popular window covering when it comes to motorization. With both roller shades and woven woods, the range of configuration options allows for virtually limitless customization. Skandia roller shades can be motorized using low voltage DC motors or 110V AC motors. They can be powered by batteries, solar kits, re-chargeable battery packs, plug in transformers, or hard-wired. Our offering ensures that customers can select the configuration option that works best for their home or office, and can do so with a great deal of price flexibility.

Woven Woods

Skandia woven wood shades can be motorized in all the same ways that Skandia roller shades can. The key difference is the size of shades that can be motorized. Woven wood fabrics are inherently heavier than roller shade fabrics. This means that especially wide windows that could be covered by a motorized roller shade, may not be able to be covered using a motorized woven wood.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are compatible with motorization but the range of motor options isn’t quite as extensive as it is with roller shades and woven woods. As with all other motorized products, motorized shades are compatible with a variety of control options, such as: WiFi bridge allowing smartphone control, indoor sun sensor (shades open and close in accordance with the sunlight), and a time sensor.

Transitional Shades

Skandia transitional shades are available with motorization. They can be motorized using a low-voltage DC motor, and can be powered using a battery pack, a re-chargeable battery pack, a plug-in DC transformer, or a solar battery pack.

Sheer Horizontals

Sheer horizontals offer the same range of motorization as do our transitional shades. If you’re going for the wow factor, motorized sheer horizontals are tough to beat.

silhouette window covering, silhouette window treatment

Can Not Be Motorized



Motorizing a plantation shutter is kind of like putting barbecue sauce on a filet mignon, right? And even if you wanted to be barbecue-on-filet-guy, a shutter doesn’t function in the same way that the products above do, and so it can’t be motorized in the same way that the products above can be. In order for a motorized shutter to function properly, a motor would need to be inserted into the frame of the shutter. This compromises the integrity of the frame, makes installation more difficult, and ultimately threatens the longevity of the shutter. Simply put, it’s not a good idea.

Vertical Blinds

Could vertical blinds be motorized? Yes, they could. In fact, we have done more than a few motorized vertical blind jobs. However, the demand for motorized vertical blinds simply isn’t there, and as such, we no longer offer motorization for vertical blinds.


Of course, the best thing to do if you’re considering motorized window treatments is to contact your local Skandia dealer. Many Skandia dealers have committed a substantial amount of time and effort to becoming motorization experts. Our expert dealers will ensure that you select the best motorized treatments for your space!

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