Window Shadings

Inspired, Innovative, Impressive


A One-of-a-Kind Window Treatment


Soft, Airy, Sophisticated


Sophisticated Softness

Our window shadings give you the functionality of a horizontal blind with the look of a soft, airy fabric window covering. This unique window treatment allows you to close the shade, while still giving you the option of tilting the horizontal fabric vanes. Sunlight flows through the sheer fabric shade, while still offering a level of privacy. Or close the shade and the vanes entirely, for maximum light control and privacy.

Features of Our Window Shadings

Privacy and Light Control

Window shadings are available in light filtering or light dimming patterns.

Window shadings are a treatment unlike any other. We find that most customers select window shadings simply because of their unmatched beauty and elegance. However, if the highest level of privacy and light control are desired, then window shadings may not be the best selection. With that said, Skandia does offer custom window shadings in both light filtering and light dimming patterns. These fabrics will offer a level of privacy and light control, but if light control and privacy are the primary factors, we suggest considering a blackout cellular shade, a blackout roller shade with side channels, a shutter, or a horizontal blind.


An elegant treatment for windows and French doors.

Interior windows

Hard-to-reach windows (motorized)

French doors

Child Safety

Motorized window shadings are Best for Kids certified.

Skandia Window Fashions has been very proactive in developing innovative solutions that reduce the risk of strangulation. Our motorized window shading has been Best for Kids certified.

Skandia offers corded loop window shadings. All corded loop treatments come with a safety tension device that, when installed properly, reduces the risk of strangulation. However, there is an inherent risk of strangulation any time that cords are present. As such, we encourage that homeowners with children purchase only cordless window treatments.


Multiple vane and color options are available.

Vane Size: Skandia window shadings are available in either a 2" or 3" vane.

Opacity: Available in light filtering sheer, light filtering linen, and light dimming patterns.

Motorization: Window shadings are an elegant, inventive, beautiful product. Enhance the beauty of your window shadings by eliminating cords. Skandia’s motorized window shadings are cord-free, creative, and incredibly convenient.

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