Vertical Blinds

Perfect for Sliding Glass Doors


Simple Yet Stylish


Inspired Functionality

Vertical blinds remain a very popular window covering for patio and sliding glass doors. They're also extremely desirable in coastal areas, and in commercial settings. What makes vertical blinds so desirable? They are durable, practical, and easy to maintain. Simple yet stylish.

Features of Our Vertical Blinds

Privacy and Light Control

Limit light and maximize privacy!

When fully closed, vertical blinds do a great job at blocking out light and the potential of any outsiders seeing in. Similar to horizontal blinds, varying the level of tilt of the louvers allows some light to come in while still making it difficult for outsiders to see in.


Vertical blinds are ideal for wide windows or sliding glass doors.

Interior windows

Sliding glass doors

Corner windows

Room Dividers

Child Safety

Skandia Window Fashions has been very proactive in developing innovative solutions that reduce the risk of strangulation. Vertical blinds are available with a corded or a wand control option. Choosing the wand control option provides for a cord-free window treatment.

All corded vertical blinds come with a safety tension device that, when installed properly, reduces the risk of strangulation. However, there is an inherent risk of strangulation any time that cords are present. As such, we encourage that homeowners with children purchase only cordless window coverings.


A wide variety of pattern and color options are available.

Louvers: Skandia's vertical blind collection features PVC or fabric louvers that are available in a wide array of colors and patterns.

Stacking: Stacking refers to the side of the window or opening that the blinds occupy when fully opened. They can stack on the left side, the right side, or the center of an opening.

Draw: Choose from a one-way draw or a split draw. A split draw means that louvers will be stacked on both sides of the window, and can then be drawn closed from either side.

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