Buying Custom Window Treatments: How it Works

Purchasing custom window treatments is a process, and one that can be intimidating to the first-time buyer. We’ll quickly provide an overview of how the process works, without necessarily getting into specific product recommendations (we’ll save that for other blog posts).

Skandia is a wholesale manufacturer of custom window coverings. Quite simply, this means that we make the product. And we make the product custom to order. However, we do not take orders directly from end-customers. Instead, we rely on a network of expert window covering dealers throughout the United States.

From start to finish, the process works this way:

  • The homeowner (you) after having identified a need for custom window fashions, contacts a local dealer in their area. Local dealers can be found rather easily online – whether via their website, or via listing sites such as Angie’s List and Houzz. If a local dealer has a showroom, you may have found them simply by driving by.
  • The first conversation will likely consist of the custom window fashions dealer asking you a handful of basic questions to get a better idea of the scope of your project. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know exactly what window treatment you want, and you don’t need to know exact measurements of your windows!
  • The dealer will then schedule an in home consultation. At the time of the in home consultation, the window treatments dealer will bring with them samples of various products. They will also take measurements for all your windows.
  • Shortly after the in home consultation, you will receive a quote for the project. This is a quote that has been prepared by the dealer specifically for your project. Most quotes will include the cost of installation, making the process as streamlined for you as possible!
  • When you approve the quote the dealer will then place the order with Skandia. Skandia will custom-make the order to the specifications provided to us. The manufacturing time required depends on the product selected, and the volume of orders at the time the order is placed.
  • Once Skandia has completed the manufacturing, we will ship the order to the dealer. The dealer will then arrange a date for installation with you. Don’t be alarmed if the installer is not the person that you bought your custom window treatments from, as many dealers have specialized installers on staff. The distinction between installation and sales allows them to operate their business efficiently.
  • The relationship doesn’t necessarily end once your custom window treatments are installed. Most dealers will offer a warranty for your window treatments. If there are any issues, or repair needs, you will likely want to reach out to the dealer that you originally purchased the window coverings from.

Understandably, this process can be a bit intimidating if you’ve never purchased window treatments, but an expert Skandia dealer will make the process as easy as possible! Many of our dealers do such a fantastic job that they don’t have to market their business at all – they rely solely on referral business from satisfied customers.

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