Why to Buy: Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments are one of the hottest segments of the custom window coverings industry! In this post, we examine the reasons why motorized shades are so popular, and why you’ll want to consider them for your home or office.

Comfort and Convenience

Imagine waking from a good night’s sleep. You stroll into the kitchen to have your customary 6am cup of coffee. As your coffee finishes brewing, and as you walk to your kitchen table to read the coffee and take in the morning view, your motorized window treatments open automatically. No effort. No fuss.

With motorized window treatments that scenario is entirely possible. Motorized window coverings allow you to operate shades via a timer, a remote control, a wall switch, and even your smartphone or tablet. Motorized window treatments give you the convenience of truly customizing your living space.


Motorized treatments are ideal for homeowners that travel frequently. Why? With the ability to control your motorized shades using your smartphone or tablet, you have the ability to operate your shades remotely, from anywhere in the world. Timers will also give you the ability to program the shades to operate at certain intervals. Both options are great ways to give the appearance that the home is occupied, even if you’ve been away for quite some time.

Extended Lifespan

Motorizing your window coverings will extend their lifespan. The overwhelming majority of our window coverings exceed their warranty, but every time that a treatment is operated manually, it places stress on the internal mechanisms. Motorization removes many of the internal mechanisms that are placed under stress with standard treatments.

Many times motorized window coverings also translate to a longer lifespan for the fabric as well. We all have the one person in the family whose version of closing the shades is yanking on the fabric until it won’t move any further. With motorized treatments, you don’t need to touch your window treatments to open them.

Motorized window treatments are more expensive than standard treatments. However, due to the extended lifespan of motorized treatments, the additional up front investment will pay for itself over time.

The Wow Factor

Ok, let’s just admit it, motorized window coverings are just really, really cool! They’re impressive, they’re modern, and they’re memorable. If you really want to make an impression, then motorized roller shades are for you!

Motorized window treatments are here to stay, and the custom window coverings industry continues to introduce innovative motorized offerings. There’s no better time than now to motorize your custom window treatments.

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