Artistic Arches

Big Arches, Big Problems? Not So Much!

Finding the right window treatment for your arches can prove to be a challenging task. It's for this reason that many homeowners elect not to cover their arches at all. Thanks to Heather and Trey Wallace of Blinds, Shutters and More – a Skandia Premier Dealer – arches in Niceville, Florida won't remain uncovered for long!

One arch in particular stands out among them all. A homeowner in Florida's Gulf Coast area contacted Heather and Trey with what can only be described as a request for one epic arch! The arched window that the homeowner was seeking to cover was 10 feet wide and nearly 10-1/2 feet tall!

The homeowner wanted shutters in their home and smartly chose a vinyl shutter for the arched window. While we believe that there's nothing more special than a wood shutter, we also believe that vinyl shutters are a great solution in Florida homes. Vinyl shutters are well equipped to handle the Florida climate – both the hot Florida sun, as well as the moisture and humidity.

After receiving the custom measurements, Skandia's manufacturing team at the Thomasville, GA shutter facility got to work. While we won't share the details of the process, we will share that the process of molding and creating the arch itself requires incredible craftsmanship – a level of craftsmanship that, frankly, few manufacturers can provide.

As you can see from the photos, the end result was one epic, unforgettable arch!

Interior design by Heather and Trey Wallace, Blinds, Shutters and More, Niceville, FL

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