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Variety Takes This Lakeside Home to the Next Level

This beautiful lakeside home in Valdosta, Georgia showcases the versatility and creativity of Skandia products. Each product used accomplishes a very specific purpose, and does so in a manner that makes the home both more enjoyable and more beautiful.

The homeowners contacted A Shade of Perfection, a Skandia Premier Dealer, with a difficult set of requirements.

While they loved the gorgeous lake view (who wouldn't?), they didn't love the amount of light that came in off the lake. They especially didn't like the glare that reflections off the lake were casting on the television in their living room. So they wanted a treatment in the living room that would filter light and block the glare, while allowing them to still see out their living room windows when the treatment was closed.

To accomplish this, our dealer selected a roller shade and chose a screen shade fabric. Screen shades offer varying levels of sheer, which will filter light and block glare, while allowing for a view out. From there, our dealer made a very, very smart recommendation: Motorize your screen shades! With four small children, cords could pose a strangulation risk. Motorized cordless roller shades were the perfect selection!

The light coming off the lake was especially bad in the morning, which made enjoying a breakfast at the dining room table more difficult than usual. Consequently, the homeowners wanted a treatment that would block out the most light possible.

Our dealer selected a blackout cellular shade to accomplish this goal, and again, paired the treatment with motorization to offer the most child-safe window covering possible. The cellular shade was a great selection because cell shades fit tighter to the window than any other window treatment, reducing light that can come in from either side of the treatment.

Finally, the homeowner wanted treatments for all bedrooms that would offer the most privacy while being elegant, durable, and cordless.

Cord free roller shades, or cord free cellular shades could have been used in the bedrooms to accomplish this goal, but we think that both our dealer and the homeowner made a great decision in choosing wood shutters. Seriously, can you go wrong with wood shutters?

Interior design by Tim Nessmith, A Shade of Perfection, Valdosta, GA

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