How to Choose: Rollease Acmeda or Somfy Motors

In previous posts we’ve discussed the growing popularity of motorized window treatments. We’ve talked about why to buy and even trends within the motorized window coverings segment, but we haven’t talked about what to buy.

The what of motorized window treatments can certainly get quite complex, so we’ll cover that topic over a handful of posts (although the best approach is to ultimately contact your local Skandia dealer, to discuss the best solution to your motorized window covering needs in detail). But for now, we’ll talk about the two different motorization lines that are available from Skandia, and why you might choose one over the other.

Skandia carries two brands of motors: Rollease Acmeda and Somfy. The offering between the two brands is really quite similar, but there are enough differences between the two that the Rollease Acmeda motor might meet your needs better than the Somfy motor and vice versa. Below we’ve broken down the most important criteria when it comes to selecting motorized window fashions, and have given our thoughts on which brand has the edge.


Advantage: Tie

Somfy is the preeminent brand in motorized window treatments. Their longevity and reputation is unmatched in the industry. With over 30 years of manufacturing motors and over 100 million motors sold, their quality is unquestioned. By contrast, Rollease Acmeda is relatively new to motorization, however the Rollease brand has been one of the most well-respected names when it comes to systems and componentry. In a relatively short period of time they’ve brought innovative, more user-friendly products to market. That alone isn’t enough to force a tie though. Rollease Acmeda’s warranty is really what levels the playing field in terms of quality. Rollease Acmeda motors are warrantied for 7 years, whereas Somfy motors are warrantied for 5 years. Somfy’s longevity, and Rollease Acmeda’s warranty make it impossible for us to say who has the edge on quality. The fact is that both brands provide the highest quality motors in the industry.


Advantage: Somfy

The debate rages on in the halls of the Skandia offices, but according to the manufacturer spec sheets, the Somfy motors are slightly quieter. One writer, having tested both motors extensively, happens to think that the Rollease Acmeda motors are slightly quieter, but that writer will remain nameless. Regardless of whether the Rollease Acmeda motors or the Somfy motors are quieter, noise is one of the most important factors in selecting a motorized window treatment, and we’re confident that both lines offer some of the quietest motors on the market. For comparison purposes, all motors that we offer have decibel levels that are more than 50% quieter than a dishwasher.


Advantage: Rollease Acmeda

Clearly, one of the most important factors in any purchase is the price. When it comes to the price, our Rollease Acmeda motorization line has a strong advantage. Depending on the configuration selected, Rollease Acmeda motors can range from 15% to 40% less expensive. If you’re purchasing motorized window treatments for an entire house, the cost differential can be quite substantial. On most criteria the Rollease Acmeda motorization line and the Somfy motorization line are very comparable…not on price.


Advantage: Somfy

If you ask us this question again in 5 years, the advantage would likely go to Rollease Acmeda, as innovation is the focal point at Rollease Acmeda. Even as of the writing of this post you could make a compelling argument that Rollease Acmeda offers more technologically advanced motors. With that said, we gave the edge to Somfy due to their more advanced home automation platform. With home automation being one of the most prevalent trends in motorization, we heavily weighted this factor. If you’re looking for motorized window treatments that tie into your home automation system, then Somfy is the best selection. If home automation isn’t important, then we find Rollease Acmeda to be the more intuitive, user-friendly motor.

By offering both Rollease Acmeda and Somfy, we believe that we have the most comprehensive motorization offering in the custom window coverings industry. Our approach ensures that you find the best possible solution for your motorized window covering needs! Hopefully this blog helps you in that endeavor!

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